Collections and research

University of Tartu Natural History Museum and the Botanical Gardens holds geological, zoological, botanical and mycological collections. Our collections includes more than one million specimen of minerals, rocks, fossils, meteorites, invertebrate and vertebrate animals, algae, mosses, vascular plants, fungi and lichens.

Collections are used by scientists, teachers, students, environmental educators and other professionals. Part of our collections are displayed in Tartu University Natural History Museum permanent exhibition "Earth. Life. Story", but also in other museums, exhibitions, temporary exhibitions, and elsewhere.

Our collections can be accessed via databases:
geological collections
animal collections
plant collections
fungal collections


Geological collections
Mare Isakar
Phone +372 737 5839

Zoolocigal collections
Villu Soon

Botanical and mycological collections
Kai Vellak
Phone +372 737 6229