Estonian bird observations are published in global biodiversity portal GBIF

Eesti vaatlusandmed GBIF portaalis

Regular bird observations and observations made with mobile application "Minu loodusheli" are now available through GBIF portal. Original source of the data is PlutoF - information system for biodiversity developed by the Natural History Museum (University of Tartu).

There is little biodiversity data of Eastern Europe and Baltics available in GBIF, meaning that data gathered in Estonia has an important role in filling this gap. There will be regular updates to GBIF. Because of the popularity of ornithology in Estonia, there will be many bird observations from Estonia also in the future updates.

Data gathered using "Minu loodusheli" has created a lot of interest. According to Veljo Runnel, expert in Citizen Science in the Natural History Museum, this dataset is very unique because all the observations include audio file.

Full data about biodiversity in Estonia is available here:

GBIF (The Global Biodiversity Information Facility) is international biodiversity open data portal and it is freely available to everyone.

More information:
Veljo Runnel
Expert in Citizen Science
University of Tartu Natural History Museum
Phone: +372 737 6078