Participate on International Citizen Science Workshop

Citizens in democratic society are no longer just passive bystanders when science is in focus. They show interest in results, ask for consultation and contribute with data. For many fields of research citizen science data is valuable additional information.

Engaging citizens is a challenge both for society and for researchers. There are new tools and methods which allow to manage citizen science projects, collect data and provide feedback for citizen scientists.

Participate on international Citizen Science Workshop "Biodiversity research for and by citizens in Eastern Europe - tools, information services and public engagement" on 27-28 June 2016 in University of Tartu Natural History Museum (Vanemuise 46, Tartu, Estonia).

Workshop will present EUBON results of citizen science mobilizing efforts for biodiversity research, provide training for citizen science tools and showcase some examples of Estonian projects and European initiatives. Workshop will also make an effort to prioritize recommendations and next steps for citizen science integration into biodiversity research.

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Veljo Runnel